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TAKE ME (2017)

Indie comedy has the interesting premise of a man named Ray (Pat Healy) who performs kidnap scenarios at a client’s request. He has recently relocated to his family home in California and is quite down on his luck. He gets an opportunity for financial redemption when a client named Anna St. Blair (Taylor Schilling) contacts him for a $5,000 weekend scenario with all the trimmings. But once Ray has Anna in his clutches, he starts to get the impression that something is very wrong and this kidnapping may be far more real than even he bargained for, as the lines between fantasy and reality start to blur.

Flick is directed by star Healy from a fairly clever script by Mike Makowsky. Actor Healy is a first time director here, who also has to star in the production and maybe this was a bit much as his first flick could have used a bit more spark. It does have an intriguing premise and does throw us some fun twists that make one wonder if Ray has the right victim, or if she is far too into her own fantasy than even he can handle. With this novel plot, though, we do feel Makowsky could have gotten more use out of some elements of the scenario, such as a police visit that could have taken things a bit further. And while it’s amusing to see it all play out, we do wish the flick had just a touch more fun with it’s story. Healy and Schilling work well together and have a nice chemistry. Healy keeps Ray somewhat likable despite being a bit of a creep and Schilling has a blast keeping us guessing if she is a real victim or way too into what’s going on. It’s amusing to watch her turn the tables on a man who is used to being in control. Not a great movie, but entertaining enough thanks to an amusing premise and a good cast.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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