BARE BONES: TANK 432 (2015)


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TANK 432 (2015)

Mildly spooky thriller has a group of mercenaries coming under heavy fire and taking shelter in a tank. The longer they stay locked inside, the more they begin to realize the enemy outside is the least of their worries.

Written and directed by Nick Gillespie this is a fairly routine horror that sadly becomes more familiar the more it tries to be clever. We can guess the Twilight Zone-ish reveal coming a mile away and despite a few spooky moments, we definitely get the feeling we’ve seen this all before…though, admit-tingly not in a tank. The cast are all fine, though none really make an impression and Gillespie never really takes full advantage of the claustrophobic tank interior setting. Forgettable despite what could have been an intriguing premise.

-MonsterZero NJ



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