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FELT (2014)

Amy (Amy Everson) is a young woman who has been emotionally damaged by a past sexual trauma. She expresses her pain and anger through her art which includes creating strange costumes and acting out in them. Things start to brighten up for Amy as she meets Ken (Kentucker Audley), a man who seems to like the young woman for who she is and be sympathetic to her past hurt. But can Amy have a normal loving relationship or will her inner pains be unleashed with tragic results?

Indie flick is co-written by star Everson with Jason Banker, who also directed and is a disturbing and sad portrait of the effects of sexual trauma such as rape. What makes the film work despite heading towards a predictable conclusion is that Amy comes off as quite sympathetic, despite her eccentric and disturbing behavior. We don’t get specific details about what happened to her, but do know enough to understand her defensive and aggressive behavior towards men and feel saddened by how this hurt has damaged her and how it has shaped her current personality. We also feel hopeful for her relationship with Ken, despite knowing deep down this will not end well. An effective little film about the horrible effects of sexual trauma and a society which all but ignores it, that isn’t quite horror, though isn’t quite straight-up drama either. There are good performances from the cast, too, especially Everson who manages to make Amy very likable and sympathetic despite her sometimes creepy, yet understandable, behavior.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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