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I have never been interested in Tyler Perry’s movie series about the bombastic senior citizen known as Madea, simply because they never looked very funny…and if this installment is any indication, they’re not. Loving all things Halloween, however, I went against my better judgment and checked this one out. This chapter in her adventures has the motor-mouthed Aunt Madea (Tyler Perry) going to her nephew Brian’s (again Tyler Perry) house on Halloween night to make sure his daughter Tiffany (Diamond White, not Tyler Perry) doesn’t go to a nearby frat party. She sneaks out anyway and so Madea puts an end to the festivities and provokes some frat boy wrath. But is pranking the cantankerous old women on Halloween night a good idea?

Film is written and directed by Tyler Perry and while he is a prolific filmmaker, it still seems a bit amateurish, self-indulgent and certainly in need of laughs. You’d think teaming up this powder keg old woman character with Halloween would be ripe for chuckles, but the film comes across as generic and cliché and the actual laughs are very few and far between. There are long dialog sequences between Madea and her senior citizen posse that are meant to be funny, but they aren’t and there isn’t enough Halloween hi-jinxs to make up for it. It’s a dull flick with Afterschool Special level drama and a main character who talks so fast, you can hardly understand her. To each his/her own, but based on my first “Madea” flick, I’m not sure why they make so much money and have lasted so long. Unless she meets Godzilla, I think I am already done with Mabel “Madea” Simmons.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 star rating



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