I know this is the Movie Madhouse, but I did like this book and Keene’s stuff would make good flicks!

I am a big fan of Brian Keene and this is a bit of a departure with him. Most of his books are supernaturally themed and this one is more of a tale of science gone awry and the conspiracy to cover it up. Tale has a traumatic sea event being investigated off the coast of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Diver Carrie Anderson discovers the cause is some massive mutant sea creature and now must find a way to stop it, while those responsible want her stopped even more. 

The book is told in two parts, the first being about the giant mutation and the second about a sinister bio-corporation’s efforts to cover up their part in it and eliminate any witnesses…including Miss Anderson. The first half is a lot more fun as a monster tale in the Jaws/ John Carpenter’s The Thing vein, as the creature is made up of parts of various sea life. The second part becomes a rather routine conspiracy tale dealing with those responsible for the monsters trying to silence anyone who knows about them. It’s simply very generic X-Files stuff and while still entertaining, it’s nowhere near as fun as the first half. It also ends with an epilogue implying that a major plot point that everyone knew about, was just ignored and left to give the book a possibility of a sequel. Keene is usually more clever than that. Overall it’s a fast read and a fun book, but could have been a lot more involving if it had stayed focused on the critters instead of switching gears to a routine conspiracy thriller with some questionable science concerning those creatures’ creation.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating


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