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Detention is a self aware spoof of self aware horror flicks that is far too ambitious for it’s own good. There are some laughs and many bits work, but the movie wants to spoof too much and looses focus and just becomes a schizophrenic mash-up spoofing everything it can get it’s greedy hands on. What starts out as an amusing send up of Scream style 90s horror just becomes a mess of pop cuture references and jabs at every movie writer/director Joseph Kahn and co-writer Mark Palermo can think off. It’s a shame, there are some clever ideas and funny gags mixed in with the swirling cyclone of a story that involves serial killers, aliens, body switching, time travel and the apocalypse. For the most part, the cast is appealing and works well with what they have. Shanley (The Conjuring) Caswell’s nerdy Riley in particular is a cute and sassy heroine that deserved a better movie. Kahn and company need to narrow their vision and show some restraint and they might have something next time. Also stars Josh (Hunger Games) Hutcherson and a bland as usual Dane Cook as the Grizzly Lake High School principal.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating



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