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Flick opens in 1946 where we witness the brutal rape of Ida Parsons (Shea Garner) at a Labor Day party at her family’s secluded island house. We then cut to 1982 where Ida is stuff of urban legend, a reclusive women alone on the island with only a pack of wild dogs to keep her company. A group of seafaring young party go-ers find out the hard way that this is not quite true. When an accident shipwrecks them on Ida’s island, they find that the woman is actually dead, but her massive and hungry offspring (Garry Robbins) now presides there and he is tired of his diet of dog meat and ready to change-up his cuisine.

Humongous is a disappointing horror from Paul Lynch, the director of the classic Prom Night. Despite coming up with a premise ripe for 80s B-movie horror, writer William Gray’s script wastes it with very little actual action till the last act. The only kill that lives up to it’s bloody promise is that of Ida’s rapist (Page Fletcher), in the beginning, who is killed by Ida and her dogs. The rest of the kills are either very quick and simple, or occur offscreen. Apparently there is an uncut version floating around out there, but the U.S. version has very little gore and that is the one being reviewed here. Even so, the story element of cannibalism is only hinted at quickly and the film would still be fairly dull even with added violence. It takes a long time for this horror to really get going, as it is and it’s not until the last moments when we finally get some action and chases to liven things up and even that doesn’t satisfy. As for our hungry monstrosity, Ida’s son is kept in the dark and seen very little till the last few moments, so we never really get much of an impression of his threat or menace. He isn’t really memorable as a villain, save for his size and deformity, which isn’t seen till the very end. At least there is a little action during the climactic confrontation and Lynch does make good use of the spooky island locations for a bit of atmosphere.

The cast are mostly unknowns and are rather bland, save for the interesting addition of hottie Joy Boushel, who horror fans will remember as Tawny, the girl Jeff Goldblum’s transforming Seth Brundle wins for a night in an arm wrestling contest in Cronenberg’s The Fly. Janet Julian is a cute and adequate heroine as Sandy, but never really captures out attention like a good final girl should. The rest are rather forgettable character and acting-wise.

Overall, this is a dull flick with barely any of the gore it’s premise would imply, at least in the American version viewed. There are long stretches between the action and even when that comes, it’s nothing to get excited over. The cast are all as unimpressive as the kills and only worth noting for the inclusion of Brundle-fly sex object Joy Boushel. It only comes alive in the last few moments, but by them it’s too little too late. A forgettable 80s slasher.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 slightly chewed femurs.

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