Cult Classic Cuties are characters from some of our favorite cult classics and midnight movies who captured our hearts and/or actresses who got our attention, but sadly never returned to these type of flicks, or whose sexy stars shined only briefly not quite achieving scream queen status. And this installment’s cutie is…


suzanna Love BM_NEW_05


The Boogeyman is a supernaturally themed 1980 slasher that has developed a cult following over the years. The film has young Lacey witnessing the murder of her mother’s abusive boyfriend by the target of that abuse, her brother Willy. Twenty years later, an adult Lacey (Suzanna Love) is still haunted by the killing, but has tried to move on and now has a husband and child of her own. She still takes care of her brother (Nicholas Love), who lives with her family and hasn’t spoken a word since that night. Unfortunately, events trigger the return of the vengeful spirit of the abusive man, who starts to terrorize the girl-next-door MILF and begins a nightmare of murder and possession for this Cult Classic Cutie.
Suzanna Love basically had a short film career between 1979 and 1985 before disappearing from acting. Her horror film resume consists of four low budget flicks, only two of those, The Boogeyman and The Devonsville Terror gained any notoriety and were both directed by her then husband, Ulli Lommel. Her down-to-earth beauty made her a perfect girl-next-door type heroine and Love was not afraid to perform in some daring scenes for her husband, such as Boogeyman’s sexually tinged nightmare sequence. Lacey is dressed in skimpy undergarments, glistening with sweat and bound and gagged on a bed at the knife wielding mercy of what appears to be her own brother. While she is in dire peril, there is an eroticism to the scene which, makes it intriguing and disturbing. Was Lommel trying to imply something about Lacey in her nightmare?…or was he just trying to show off his wife’s hot body? As the issue is never pursued in the film, we may never know. She did look quite beguiling despite her perilous predicament.


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suzanna Love BM_NEW_11

The sweet girl-next-door

suzanna Love BM_NEW_02

What is Boogeyman’s nightmare sequence trying to tell us? Lacey obviously isn’t saying.

suzanna Love BM_NEW_09

MILF Lacey in one of the film’s few quiet moments.

suzanna Love BM_NEW_03

That’s one way of showing off those abs.

suzanna Love BM_NEW_08

A woman possessed…literally! We’d still date her.

Lacey and The Boogeyman reunited in 1983 for a sub-par sequel Revenge Of The Boogeyman (aka Boogeyman 2) involving Lacey traveling to L.A. to meet with filmmakers interested in her story. Obviously the vengeful specter begins to kill again, as Lacey reveals she has a remaining piece of the mirror still in her possession.
As for Suzanna Love, she may have only briefly passed through the horror genre, but one of those flicks is a cult classic and her pretty, girl-next-door appeal got her noticed…as did her not being afraid to push the boundaries a bit with Boogeyman’s infamous and disturbingly sexual, bondage nightmare sequence. She also gets to play possessed in the film’s fun over-the-top climax, so her adorable Lacey is girl-next-door babe, sexy bound damsel and possessed MILF all in the same movie! That earns her the title of Cult Classic Cutie!

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-MonsterZero NJ


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