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THE HALLOW (2015) Blu-Ray

The Hallow is an atmospheric and spooky Irish horror (see full review here) that has arrived on blu-ray from the awesome folks at Scream Factory, as part of their partnership with IFC Midnight…a partnership that has been yielding some great discs!

As for the disc itself…

The picture is gorgeous, the colors vibrant and really presents the visual style of director Corin Hardy and the wonderful cinematography of Martijn Van Broekhuizen, perfectly. The disc is presented in the original 2.35.1 widescreen aspect ratio, preserving the filmmakers’ vision. The sound is in 5.1 DTS and there is an alternate 2.0 track for those without the home theater set-up.

Now on to the extensive extras which make this disc even more worth having!…

The extras start out with a wonderful 50 minute documentary Surviving The Fairytale: Making The Hallow, which is a chronicle of the making of the film from story development, casting and even the training of the creature performers. It uses interviews with the director, cast and crew, with on-set footage to detail the film’s journey starting with Corin Hardy’s story and his decision to use practical make-up effects and prosthetics to portray the fairy creatures and the actual making of those creature FX for the screen. We then travel with Hardy and crew to the Galway, Ireland locations as the film begins production. Here we get to see all facets of how this dark fantasy was created, from staging FX sequences, to Hardy directing the actors in their scenes. It’s extensive and fun. We then go to post production to see the film start to come together and then on to it’s initial test screenings and finally it’s premiere at Sundance. It is a very enjoyable and thorough look at the making of the film, made by the filmmakers themselves with as much heart as they put into their film. You really get a sense of the passion that went into this project by all involved. We also get three ‘making of’ features derived from the documentary and then finish up with director’s storyboards, some illustrations from the Celtic  Book Of Invasions, which is featured in and influenced the film, as well as, Corin Hardy’s sketchbook and creature concepts. There is also an audio track with Corin Hardy commentary, too. It’s over 75 minutes of extras and if you love the filmmaking process, simply enjoy this movie, or both, these are a host of extras you’ll want to have!

I really enjoyed this movie and agree with star Joseph Mawle that the more you watch it, the more you see. It’s a very charming and yet spooky dark fantasy from a filmmaker to watch and Scream Factory has delivered it on a beautiful disc with a host of must-have extras…which has become their forte.

-MonsterZero NJ


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