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the night brings out charlie


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Low budget slasher may be be from 1990, but is still very 80s in terms of music, fashions and mood. Flick has a mysterious killer stalking the rural town of Pakoe. He likes to decapitate his victims with a serrated wood saw and wears a sack over his head with goggles. The local sheriff (Kerry Knight) is baffled who it might be, despite the fact that disfigured landscaper Charlie (Chuck Whiting) dresses exactly the same way (and let’s not even mention the film’s title). Even with her father close to the case, the daughter (Aimee Tenalia) of the local mortician (Joe Fishback) keeps getting in harm’s way, too. Who is this killer and can he be stopped?

Written by Bruce Carson and directed by Tom Logan, this is an OK 80s horror flick more renown for being obscure than actually being all that good. It does have a creepy killer and there are a few amusing moments, but overall it’s very low budget and very by-the-numbers and gets very silly when identities start being revealed. There is little intensity or suspense, though the gore is decent for a very cheap movie. The acting is fairly wooden across the board and the dialog is pretty weak from all the characters involved. Once we get the big reveal, it’s a bit hard to swallow and seems to have been concocted simply to throw off the audience, briefly, as the actual identity was so easy to guess to begin with. The fact that the reveal comes about halfway through also eliminates any sense of mystery the film had and just leads to a cliché confrontation and climax.

In conclusion, the film is worth a look since it is a bit of a rarity. It’s not completely terrible and has some spooky moments early on, it just that it looses any sense of mystery it had when an overly-complicated reveal unmasks our killer far too early. There is some OK gore and it is very 80s, but overall is not as intriguing to watch as it was tracking it down…which wasn’t all that hard either if you know where to look.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1/2 serrated saws

the night brings charlie rating






I couldn’t find a trailer, so how’s the whole movie?


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