Human heart in hand isolated on blackDuring this season of candy and flowers, those with horror in our hearts can have plenty to watch with that special boy or ghoul…or for the single folk to calm the storm of sappy sentimentality they are enduring from their paired-up friends on social media! Not all are classics, but even the lesser titles are suitable for this day of grave emotional attachment!

(Click on the titles below the movie poster gallery to get to our reviews of the titles covered here at the Movie Madhouse!)

1. My Bloody Valentine 1981

2. Spring

3. The Bride Of Frankenstein

4. The Prowler

5. Return Of The Living Dead 3

6. Valentine

7. My Blood Valentine 2009

8. The Crow

9. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

10. Burying The Ex

11. Let The Right One In

12. Blacula

13. A Chinese Ghost Story

14. The Lost Boys

15. Fright Night 2

-MonsterZero NJ


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