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CRAWL (2011)

Boring Australian thriller moves it’s plot along with a lot of coincidences, but without the cleverness to give it purpose or make it work. Story has seedy bar owner, Slim (Paul Holmes) hiring a strange Croatian hit man (George Shevtsov) to kill his partner-in-crime, Rusty (Bob Newman). On his way out of town, an accident and twist of fate puts the killer at the doorstep of Marilyn (Georgina Haig), one of Slim’s bartenders, who has seen the two men together.

Written and directed by Paul China this is a thrill-less thriller that accomplishes very little and takes almost all of it’s 80 minute running time before we get a confrontation between the captive Marilyn and the hit man. China is trying way too hard to make this a flick in the spirit of a Cohen Brothers movie, but lacks the creativity and cleverness that makes their thrillers, like Fargo and Blood Simple, so successful. The only reason the killer arrives at Marilyn’s house at all, seems to be to make it convenient for he and Slim to encounter each other again, later on. Also, why doesn’t he just kill Marilyn and be done with it, like anyone else who gets in his way? And as for that hit man, the cowboy hat wearing Croatian never really exudes much menace and he should for this to work a lot better. There is little or no suspense till literally the last five minutes and the excessive blood-letting seems to be for it’s own sake. Even the final scene is just mean-spirited and unnecessary and done simply to try to give the film’s climax some irony and impact. Epic fail. Georgina Haig seemed to make a resilient heroine, not that she was given much to do bound and gagged to a chair for most of the flick. Dull and forgettable.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 star rating



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