Well, if I am going to have a Halloween Hottie Of The Year then it’s only fair that we select a hero! This year that selection is easy, as Canadian actor Keir Gilchrist was in, not one, but three horror flicks seen this year, two that will most certainly be on MonsterZero NJ’s best horrors of 2015 list!

It Follows saw Gilchrist as Paul, loyal friend of the film’s heroine Jay, whose feelings for her brings out the hero in the normally mild mannered youth.

dark summer

Dark Summer has Keir playing Daniel Austin, a young man on house arrest for stalking a classmate, who has since committed suicide. This leaves the boy trapped in the house with a vengeful spirit who has a horrifying agenda of her own. Also stars Some Kind Of Hate‘s Maestro Harrell, who obviously came in a close second for Gilchrist’s title.

October’s fun anthology flick Tales Of Halloween found the young actor starring in Paul Solet’s Spaghetti Western slanted revenge segment The Weak and the Wicked. Here Gilchrist’s stranger summons a demon to avenge the acts of three vicious hoodlums.


Three horror flicks and three roles that make it easy to choose the vesitile Keir Gilchrist as our Horror Hero of 2015!

-MonsterZero NJ


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