As many know, I am a photoshop artist and love doing faux posters! This one is for an imaginary project combining my love of Hong Kong cinema and John Carpenter’s Escape From New York. After seeing EFNY in 1981, my mind reeled with the possible future adventures of Snake Plissken. I imagined, obviously, an Escape From L.A., though mine featured Plissken up against a ruthless gang leader played by rocker Billy Idol. I also imagined Snake on the island of Hong Kong and while I was yet aware of Chow Yun-fat, I now can reflect back on what this adventure might have been like with Snake battling Chow as the villain. If only movie goers had become aware of Chow a few years earlier and Lee Van Cleef had stuck around a few years later. Was always disappointed that EFNY never became a franchise and when Carpenter finally did get around to sequelizing itit was a sad disappointment in many respects. Enjoy…


escape from hong kong

poster art: MonsterZero NJ


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