Occasionally at The Movie Madhouse I do crank out a book review if it’s something I think warrants attention. As this particular book is written by the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, The Birthday Massacre and since I’ve reviewed their music here before, why not Sara “Chibi” Taylor’s first book…


Impressive debut book by Sara Taylor, who as “Chibi” is lead singer of The Birthday Massacre, a great goth/industrial band from Canada. Sara uses her song writing skills combined with her music business experiences to craft an engrossing tale of Rachel, a teen who finds expression through music and then, sadly, violence. Rachel is a shy introvert who finds her voice figuratively and literally when she discovers a love for death metal music and a bit of a soul mate in new friend Fern. Together they form the band Colostomy Hag and begin to pursue their dream of fame, fortune and succeeding where few women have before. But a horrible turn of events after going backstage with a band they idolize, shatters their worlds and leads them down a path of murder and gruesome revenge.

Taylor has always had a gift for poetic yet, dark lyrics and that translates wonderfully from songs to story-form. Her descriptions are vivid and her prose does flow like the lyrics to a 384 page Gothic opera. The things that make this tragic tale work so well, though, is that she creates realistic, engaging and delightfully original characters and takes them on a journey that slowly gets more and more twisted as it goes on. We like our lead Rachel. She’s shy but spirited at first and then discovers a way to express and defend herself and it’s just an unfortunate encounter that changes her path from one of possible fame and success to one of bloodshed and vengeance. If this book was about a girl and her band alone, I would still have enjoyed it immensely, but Taylor gives it a twisted twist and takes her lead character and best friend on a path that ruins their lives in more ways than one. It’s heartbreaking, as when she begins her spiral into homicidal behavior…even though it’s somewhat understandable…we still feel for Rachel and don’t want to see her turn into the person she is becoming. The book also offers a dark glimpse into what may occur behind closed doors in the music business and it causes us to continue to sympathize with Rachel…and Fern…despite their increasingly cruel behavior. A very involving, bold and engrossing read by a talented songwriter who is now a talented novelist. Highly recommended for something a bit off the beaten path told with a unique voice.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 and 1/2 guitars!

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Sara “Chibi” Taylor




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