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I absolutely love Halestorm. So, the wait for their third album came with equal parts anticipation and apprehension. The band has grown considerably in popularity…and rightfully so. Would becoming more of a mainstream band change or dilute their style?


As much as I love their first two albums, I think this is by far their best disc yet. Musically and lyrically this is a Rock ‘N’ Roll roller coaster from start to finish. Lzzy has never sounded better and the boys’ musicianship is stronger than ever under the guidance of producer Jay Joyce. The writing has never been stronger and the deluxe edition comes with 15 great tracks and there is not a weak tune in the batch. From the opening rocker “Scream” and it’s follow-up tune, the mellower but, still strong “I Am The Fire” to the surprisingly sweet “Dear Daughter” to the powerful…and oddly fitting…last song, “Unapologetic”, this album consistently delivers tracks with power, intensity and even some nice diversity. The mildly country sounding “Amen” or the amazing R&B-ish “Bad Girls World” are perfect examples of this. Lzzy Hale is a vocal powerhouse and demonstrates her amazing range on each and every song and she is exquisitely backed up by guitarist Joe Hottinger, bassist Josh Smith and brother Arejay Hale on percussion and drums. The songs are mixed perfectly and powerfully but, never overdone or too bombastic. Just listen to the earlier released single “Mayhem” to see what I mean. Jay Joyce simply did an amazing job putting this disc together. It’s a perfectly balanced mix of rockers, anthems, ballads…like the soulful “What Sober Couldn’t Say”…and a few diversions to add some spice. The selection of melodic tunes knows when to rock your socks off and knows when to give you a breather and that’s exactly what a roller coaster is supposed to do! Tantalizing one minute, intriguing the next and sometimes downright fist pumping, when it wants to be. I absolutely love this album, am in love with this album and it deserves to be Halestorm’s biggest hit yet. It perfectly displays this band’s amazing talent and versatility led by a front woman with one of the best and most powerful voices in Rock, period! Awesome album!

-MonsterZero NJ

Track Listing

1.”Scream”  4:01

2.”I Am The Fire”  3:37

3.”Sick Individual”  3:27

4.”Amen”  2:58

5.”Dear Daughter”  4:46

6.”New Modern Love”  3:38

7.”Mayhem”  3:36

8.”Bad Girl’s World”  5:08

9.”Gonna Get Mine”  2:57

10.”The Reckoning”  3:44

11. “Apocalyptic” 3:13

12. “What Sober Couldn’t Say” 3:33

13. “I Like It Heavy” 4:54

14. “Jump The Gun” 3:08

15. Unapologetic” 4:07

4 guitars

guitar four rating


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