UPDATE #2 3/20/15: Variety is now reporting that It Follows WILL delay it’s VOD release and now go wide on 3/27 expanding to about 1,000 screens! Hope this is true, this flick needs to be seen in a theater!

UPDATE 3/19/15: There seems to be a lot of back and fourth as to whether It Follows would forgo it’s VOD release for a wider theatrical release. At this point it seems that it will be widening it’s limited release somewhat on the 20th but, no solid word as to whether it will pass VOD on the 27th to go even wider. Keep you posted!

One of the most highly anticipated horrors in sometime, David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows will be opening in limited theatrical release on 3/13/13… this Friday the 13th… and then on 3/27/15 on VOD! The film stars Maika Monroe, last seen in the cool action thriller The Guest. For us here in Jersey, NYC’s Angelika Film Center on Houston St. will be the closest theater showing it.

MonsterZero NJ


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