While this is, of course, primarily a movie blog, I will review a book now and then, as I do along with the occasional album review. And since Billy Idol does have a hilarious cameo in The Wedding Singer and was James Cameron’s first choice for the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day… a very interesting story there that I won’t spoil I think it fits here just fine at The Movie Madhouse!


Autobiography of one of the 80s biggest stars and one of the last of the original 70s punk rock movement is a very well written book with Idol coming clean about his wild life before his eye-opening and almost fatal motorcycle accident in the early 90s. There is all the debauchery one would expect in a rock ‘n’ roll bio but, with some surprising heart and sincerity in the telling. Idol never makes excuses for his sexual indulgences and rampant substance abuse but, never brags about them either. The book covers his days as a young boy growing up in America and then moving back to his native England, to his joining the punk rock movement as a rebellious teenager in the 70s, into the 80s and superstardom, to present day and the released of his newest album a few months back. And he tells his tale as a man who has acquired some wisdom and remorse in his later years and appears to have genuine regret about how he mistreated loved ones, such as his beloved Perri Lister, and missed some of the early years with his two children. It’s a fun and heartfelt book from a man who has lived a life of fame, fortune and abandon but, has grown smart enough to quit while he was ahead and enjoy what he has. There is also a lot of in-depth detail about the making of his albums too, including his newest, so, there is some rock ‘n’ roll along with the sex and drugs for those interested more about the musical aspect of Idol’s life and career. And Idol proves that despite his bad boy persona, that he is a very intelligent, caring and creative person underneath the wild child we see in magazines and music videos. A very entertaining book from a true entertainer.

3 and 1/2 guitars!

guitar rating


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