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The Birthday Massacre is one of my favorite bands and that they tour constantly and prolifically put out new material is a fan’s dream… and the fact that their albums are of consistent quality is an added bonus and their new release Superstition is no different. This is a really strong new album from a bad that have yet to disappoint me. Here the Canadian band led by front-woman Chibi deliver 10 solid tunes in the Birthday Massacre style of goth/industrial rock that will delight their fans and listeners of this predominately underground style of music. The album starts out with the moody yet melodic Divide and Diaries then really kicks in gear with the more intense Superstition, Destroyer and Surrender before finishing up the album with 5 more quality tunes with a nice mix of tempos and synthesizer heavy songs including the melodic Rain and the intense and dark The Other Side which is my favorite song on the disc. The songs are all expertly produced with Chibi’s vocals going from sweet and soft to a hearty growl depending on the requirements of the song and it’s Gothic-ly flavored lyrics. With rock-solid production, the band’s contributions are all mixed to perfection as usual… and as for Miss Chibi’s back-up, we have current line-up: Rainbow on guitars and vocals, M. Falcore also on Guitars, Rhim on Drums, Owen on keyboards and Nate Manor on bass. All excellent musicians that contribute to TBM’s unique and multi-layered sound that really comes to bare on this, one of their best albums yet. Another great disc of tunes from a band who is consistently topping themselves.

Track Listing

1.”Divide”  4:04

2.”Diaries”  3:33

3.”Superstition”  3:52

4.”Destroyer”  3:43

5.”Surrender”  5:18

6.”Oceania”  4:11

7.”Rain”  3:46

8.”Beyond”  3:52

9.”The Other Side”  4:31

10.”Trinity”  2:24

3 and 1/2 guitars

guitar rating





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