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I really enjoyed this Captain America sequel (see full review here), and that alone for me was reason enough to pick it up on Blu-Ray. The picture is obviously gorgeous and the sound is top quality, as is per usual with these Marvel flicks when they’re released on home media.

There are some nice extras but, it is on the short side when compared to some of the other Marvel releases. We get a making of documentary which is a cool look at putting together some of the action scenes, a small featurette on Anthony Mackie and an even smaller featurette on Cap’s little black book that he carries… you’ll have to watch the movie first, to find out what’s in that. There are some deleted scenes but, nothing special, which is no surprise, as the film gets a lot done in it’s tight 138 minutes. There is audio commentary from the directors and writers and an amusing gag reel, which is a lot of fun. Again, not a lot of stuff here but, this is one of the best of the Marvel films so far, and to me, it’s worth owning for the film content alone.

So, If you liked this movie, the disc is definitely worth owning just for the film itself, if you were expecting a ton of extras and maybe even a peek at the upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron, you might feel a little short changed. But, this is an awesome flick so, I was perfectly happy just to see it again in HD!


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