I’m not a huge fan of the overrated The Conjuring. It was a well made haunted house flick but, didn’t really knock my cinematic socks off like it did others. But, it was a hit and instead of bringing us another case from The Warrens, producer James Wan has decided to hit us with a spin-off featuring the doll ‘Annabelle’ from The Conjuring‘s opening scenes… um, Ok… so, here is the first teaser from the John Leonetti directed flick and it looks kinda…meh. Leonetti has been Wan’s cinematographer since Dead Silence and is a damn good one as Wan’s flicks look great. As a director he had only done two flicks, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and Butterfly Effect 2 so… not sure what to expect here. We’ll see 10/3/14.



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