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Dolph Lundgren battles legions of plague infected zombies in this entertaining guilty pleasure written and directed by Christopher Hatton. Near future tale is set in Southeast Asia where bioengineering has accidentally created a city of vicious flesh eating zombies now quarantined by the world governments. Mercenary Max Gatling is tasked to go in and find the daughter (Melanie Zanetti) of the man whose company is responsible and get her to saftey. Gatling goes in with his team and soon finds himself the last man but, does also find the girl and some survivors. Now they have to find a way out of the quarantined zone and a squad of roaming combat robots… just go with it… might just help Gatling and company get out alive against the legions of the ravenous plague zombies. But, time is running out as a fire bombing is soon to commence to destroy the infected and anyone else in the city. Damned is a fun B-Movie and while it is entertaining, we only wish writer/director Hatton would have really cut loose and had a fun time with his premise. It isn’t nearly as gory as traditional zombie films though, there is plenty of action and bloodshed to keep us occupied. And we only wish a little more Sharknado-like fun was had with a story combining zombies, armed robots and Dolph Lundgren. Sometimes Battle takes itself a little too seriously for it’s own good and with it’s premise, it would have been better served by taking the ball and running with it. Fun… but, not quite as fun as the plot synopsis made us hope.

3 star rating



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