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Since first hearing this Italian goth metal band, I have always been a fan. The one-two punch of Cristina Scabbia’s hauntingly powerful vocals and Andrea Ferro’s deeper more gruff sounding voice gives them a unique sound when combined with the instrumentals of the talented band members supporting the two singers. Each album seems to have it’s own personality and are equally strong in presenting a solid set of tracks that all seem to fit together… and Broken Crown Halo is no different. This new album of 11 strong tracks presents the theatrical and powerful sound this band’s fans love and yet somehow seems intriguing and fresh at the same time. Maybe it’s just that after all these years… they formed in 1994… the band still has a strong passion for their music. And no more proof of this then in the fist pumping opening track “Nothing Stands In Our Way” that hits us with a blast of Ferro’s fierce growl and intense guitars and keyboards with Miss Scabbia joining in for a head banging anthem whose title says it all. The album and it’s songs are filled with the type of gothic lyrics we expect from Lacuna Coil evoking dark images, equally dark emotions and creatures of the night but, not without a glimmer of hope or a chance of overcoming the darkness. No matter how bleak or gloomy things get, the band’s songs always seem to offer the strength to overcome or carry on, such as in the song “Victims” which is about being anything but. My favorite songs are always the ones where Cristina Scabbia really cuts loose such as “Hostages To The Light” and “I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)”. While certainly no slight meant to the talented Andrea Ferro… who can hold his own quite well vocally… Scabbia has one of  the best voices in rock and obviously it’s a feast for the ears when she unloads with her full range. She and Ferro compliment each other very well, which is why the songs sound so rich especially when layered with the instrumentals which sometimes go beyond guitar, bass, keyboards and drums to have a more orchestral sound. Again, their stuff is very theatrical but, producer Jay Baumgardner has ensured it’s all mixed perfectly with one element never overpowering another, despite the strength each element has on it’s own. All the pieces come together to compliment the big picture. No better example of this deft production work then the powerful “Cybersleep” and the somber final track “One Cold Day” which contain all these elements in an intoxicating mix. And despite their flair for dramatic sounds, none of the songs ever overstay their welcome with even the 6 minute + “One Cold Day” seeming just right in it’s length. Obviously I am biased. I love this band and am a huge fan. But, it still doesn’t overshadow the fact that this band consistently puts out quality albums with few, if any, weak songs. Obviously, you have to be a fan of this kind of music and as someone who loves both metal and goth/industrial, I get the best of both worlds from Lacuna Coil and they deliver solid album after solid album. I have yet to be disappointed by one of their discs and I don’t expect to be anytime soon. And Broken Crown Halo is about as far from a disappointment as one can get. A powerful, consistently strong album of songs from a band that is passionate about making their music and let’s you hear it for yourself in every track. If you’re a fan, I highly recommend this, their latest album. If you’re not familair with them but, love metal or goth metal, I equally and enthusiastically recommend you give Broken Crown Halo a spin. Lacuna Coil also includes Cristiano Migliore, Christiano Mozzati (who both retired from the band early this year but, are featured on the album) Marco Biazzi and Marco Cot Zelati along with Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia. All songs were written and composed by the members of Lacuna Coil and Jay Baumgardener.

Track Listing

1.”Nothing Stands In Our Way”  4:07

2.”Zombies”  3:47

3.”Hostage To The Light”  3:56

4.”Victims”  4:31

5.”Die & Rise”  3:44

6.”I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)”  3:56

7.”Cybersleep”  4:26

8.”Infection”  4:23

9.”I Burn In You”  4:15

10.”In The End I Feel Alive”  4:21

11.”One Cold Day” 6:09

3 and 1/2 guitars

guitar rating




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