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Sequel to the Colin Farrell starring Fright Night remake is oddly enough actually another remake/reboot itself. It retells the story with Charlie Brewster (Will Payne) now a college student on a field trip to Romania with friend ‘Evil’ Ed (Chris Waller) and estranged girlfriend Amy (Sacha Parkinson), but only this time Jerry Dandrige is a ‘Gerri’ (Jaime Murray) and Peter Vincent (Sean Power) is the host of a monster hunter reality TV show who happens to be in Romania filming the latest episode. As with the original Fright Night and it’s sub-par remake, Charlie soon believes his hot female professor is not only a vampire, but Elisabeth Bathory herself…and as with the other versions, no one believes him until the night stalking she-bat decides it’s time for these pesky students to be dealt with.

Despite the odd choice to reboot the story already, I actually liked Fright Night 2. I’m a big fan of the original 2 flicks, but was not impressed at all with the lame remake that’s only right move was the casting of Farrell and Yelchin. But this direct to home media sequel is actually a fun and blood soaked flick that is far from a classic, but is an entertaining enough watch that makes spooky good use of it’s Romanian locations. Director Eduardo Rodriguez gives the film a nice visual style and has some novel touches in presenting his blood sucking villainess and her various powers. There are some nice action sequences and some decent suspense as Charlie and his friends find themselves stalked by a creature from out of ancient Romania folklore. There is plentiful gore and the cast all do well enough with Murray making a nicely sexy and scary vampire and Payne being a suitable Charlie. Waller can be a bit taxing as Evil, but the character always was in any version. As for Peter Vincent, Power needed more screen time to really establish Vincent a bit better. Despite being a major character in other versions, he has limited screen time here.

Overall, the movie does it’s job and gives us some chills and thrills, but won’t win any awards or stick with you after it’s over. Matt Venne’s script does deviate from the original story somewhat in the last act and that was a bit refreshing and I did find it more enjoyable then the overblown remake it follows. Sure there are better vampire flicks out there, but you could do far worse and it does entertain.

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