paranormal Activity


After receiving news a while back that we would not be getting a Paranormal Activity movie this Halloween and the fifth installment had been postponed till October 2014, things have been pretty quiet. Sources said the producers had yet to find a story they liked and after what was considered a disappointing entry even by fans in last year’s Paranormal Activity 4 (Which I personally didn’t think was as bad as it’s made out to be), it looked liked they were going to take their time developing the next in the series. Now world comes that not only does PA5 have a writing team with series newcomers Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark, but, rumors have proven true and series editor and co-producer Gregory Plotkin is taking the helm as director. Usually we don’t get this kind of news till Spring with this series so, I hope it means they plan to take their time with this entry and give this series the second wind it needs and hopefully take it in some new directions. There are no details on the story but, that is no surprise as this series keeps things under wraps as long as they can. These films split horror fans right down the middle but, I find them harmless, spooky fun and they are a good time to watch with an audience. Till then we have the Latin centric spin off movie Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones to look forward to on January 3rd 2014.
Source: Dread Central

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