Rob Zombie’s latest album, released less then a week after the multi-tasking Zombie’s latest directorial effort The Lords Of Salem, is probably one of the best of his discs since going solo and it does evoke the White Zombie days somewhat too, while giving us that spooky, decadent Rock N Roll we have come to expect from the musician/filmmaker. Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor probably won’t win over any new converts but, Rob Zombie and White Zombie fans should enjoy the 12 track album that once again has Zombie taking us on a hard rocking road trip through all the evils that men do. From the first single “Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown” to a cool cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re An American Band”, Venomous is a hard-driving rock album well produced to maximum effect by Zombie himself. With band mates John 5 on guitar, Piggy D. on bass and Ginger Fish on drums and percussion, along with Zombie’s appropriate samples of movie dialog to punctuate his twisted lyrics, Rob and Co. deliver an entertaining and  pulse pounding album of twisted Rock N Roll with a sinister edge and a crooked smile. Songs like Revelation Revolution and Rock And Roll (In A Black Hole) will have you banging your head and stomping your foot as Zombie takes us through his white trash carnival ride of bad behavior and sinful indulgences with his trademarked theatricality. And that’s kinda what Rock N Roll is all about when you think about it. A deviously enjoyable new album from Rob Zombie.

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