frankenstein theory

A sad example of an interesting idea totally ruined by it’s execution… or lack of. Film is supposed to be found footage of a man, Prof. John Venkenheim (Kris Lemche) who claims to have in his family, the actual letters from which the novel Frankenstein was based. Implying that the book was based on fact, the professor hires a documentary crew to follow him to the Arctic Circle in search of the legendary monster. What follows quickly degenerates into a lame Blair Witch rip off as strange growls erupt around their cabin at night and one by one members of the party disappear along with their gear.

First off, writer/director Andrew Weiner completely fails to give this the found footage feel. Never at any time does it feel like documentary footage, as it is structured and filmed like a movie and the dialog is obviously scripted as are the cliche’ characters. It never feels like we are watching discovered footage with real people. A scene with a meth addict/ witness is especially ridiculous and out of place. ¬†Secondly, once we finally get this expedition going after an hour of unconvincing dialog sequences, it fails to generate any tension or suspense as we basically get a replay of the Blair Witch last act with it being possibly Mary Shelley’s monster instead of a witch from local legend. It’s too bad, as this was a clever idea that could have been a really cool flick if Weiner knew what to do with it.

A disappointing 2 franks


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