Sector 7


SECTOR 7 (2011)

Sector 7 is a somewhat entertaining monster flick from Korea, but, unfortunately, it’s too derivative of other, better movies, right down to the Ripley-like heroine, and has too many nagging problems to be able to cut it some slack. Story of an offshore oil rig besieged by an unknown and very dangerous sea creature has already been done in a couple of direct to DVD and TV movies and those movies were just rip-offs of Alien. The flick even has the traditional conspiracy subplot where the creature’s appearance might not be by accident.

Sector 7 is directed well enough by Kim Ji-Hoon and the cast and characters are fine, thought some cast members do overact a bit. It’s creature FX are barely above SYFY Channel standards and the CGI heavy finale goes on far too long with our super beastie having more lives than Jason Voorhees. There are things that make no sense that occur just to set up certain set pieces, like an oil rig having a supply of guns, motorcycles and a self destruct system. The conspiracy subplot involves a facet of the creature’s anatomy that is just plain absurd and while it is plain the creature has a nest and it’s implied there are more than one…which would explain how it can be in so many different places so quickly…it never becomes a factor in the movie. There’s also a useless plot point where one of the human characters is set up to take the fall for the monster’s first victim and then that story thread is discarded in the very next scene, as the true killer reveals itself. Why bother at all?

The film does move well though, and there is an intensity to the action and after the creature is revealed, there is a lot of it. The creature design is actually decent, if not badly rendered, and the monster does convey some lethality despite the lame CGI. Coming from the Korean cinema that has been producing some really good and original films lately and brought us the inventive monster feature, The Host, this is a bit of a disappointment.

-MonsterZero NJ

Rated 2 and 1/2 (out of 4) calamari

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